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OurGrid Life, is the embodiment of all things social and accepting about virtual worlds. We are a family, and are focused on building an environment where, "Friends and Family build worlds together!".

Live and Social Events
Inspiration Island

Live music and social events
on Insipration Island.

Places to visit
OurGrid Life

There are many regions to explore on the grid
either as an OurLife Grid local or via the hypergrid.

Social Grid

OurGrid Life is founded on the connections between People, not stuff.

Where Friends and Family are the most important things.

Regular Events

Regular events on the grid for local "Lifers" and hypergrid visitors are welcome. More info about events visit [here]

Creative Community

OurGrid Life has some amazing builders and creatives building regions and making the grid a vibrant and interesting place to explore and or call home.

OurGrid Life Login and info

Information for local and hypergrid access
Login URI:
Simulator: OpenSim
Version: osC2
Access: Public
Hypergrid: Enable
Voice: Enable

OurGrid Life Grid Status

Up to date status of the OurGrid Life.
Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 21
Today visitors: 2
Visitors (30 Days): 112
Total Residents: 292
Online Now: 0
Hypergriders online: 0

OurGrid Life Region Overview

Below are a collection of regions on the OurGrid Life for you to explore.

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