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Follow these steps to join the OurGrid Life Family

Proceed to the link once completely reading the steps below

You will not be able to login if you do not follow all the steps!!

  • Fill in the top section ,this pertains to ONLY the website login, NOT the grid.
  • Fill in the bottom section (avatar first and last names) and select an avatar, this section is for your grid login.
  • Be sure to fill out the "How you heard about us?" and Referral fields.
  • Accounts are currently set to Self Approval, be sure to respond to the activation email.
  • IF needed download the latest (currently we suggest one version older) Firestorm Viewer for Opensim, HERE. (be sure to get the OPENSIM verison)
  • In your viewer's grid manager create a new entry using,  ourgrid.life  as the grid address.
  • In the Username/Avatar Name box put in your avatar name , Firstname Lastname.

(Please check your spam box/filter for the activation email if you don't see it, you will not be able to login without validating your email address)
Please refrain from making multiple accounts, check your email.






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