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Hypergridding into OurGrid Life and the GDPR

With the recent changes to how companies can use and inform people about the uses of personal data. OurGrid Life has had to implement a way to collect and log consent for data processing. In this video, I walk you through how to authenticate your hypergrid avatar and show you how to do it.

Dune Buggy Coin Hunt [OurGrid Life]

The Dune Buggie Hunt game is a game scripted by Bill as a part of the OurGrid Life adventure nights held regularly on the grid. Check the events listing for the next adventure night and come and join us. All welcome.

Sea Jet tests with a new toy

In keeping with our tendancy to use the latest cutting edge tech and code for opensimulator, we tested with the new XMR Script engine.


This code was generiously donated to the OpenSimulator project and appears to improve script response time.


Will be a while before we roll it out grid wide.

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